Our prices include transportation, private guided tours and accommodation

Alhambra tresaures


We take great pride in providing you the the most knowledgeable and eloquent guides. With included historians, locally accredited tour guides and experts in Sephardic history and culture, our guides are sure to keep you interested and entertained.

High speed train


Travel in the comfort and speed of Spain’s high speed trains. Most of our itinerary is covered by these high speed train routes, but for those destinations off the grid we will provide you with the best possible options. 
“The Andalusia through the lens” itinerary will be done by car.


We have designed not only a cultural experience but an incredible pleasurable one. Our hotels are full of charm, beauty and history. Stay in 16th century buildings that have been remodeled to maintain their original charm with stone walls, beamed ceilings and typical Andalusian patios. Our hotels are oases just steps away from the sights.

Boutique hotels

boutique hotel

Hotel patio

Breakfast bar

Hotel terrace

pool at the hotel

Breakfast room

Best views

Cooling off in style

Boutique hotel

Breakfast patio

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Heritage building

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Hotel common areas

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We know the importance of having flexibility while you travel. Whether it´s deciding what type of restaurant cuisine you would like on a given night or if you are too tired to see a show, we like to give this freedom to our clients. For this very reason, our tours do not include meals nor entertainment options.

That being said, we’ve personally visited many of the restaurants and cafes along our tour routes and we´ve seen many shows. Based on our experience and personal taste, we’ve assembled a list of our favorite places, which we will share with you once you have booked your tour. We’ll also let you know if a specific show or restaurant needs to be booked in advance and how to get tickets. If you prefer, we can even make the booking for you.